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Bunk Beds Aren’t Necessarily Just For Kids Or Service Members Anymore

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If you’re looking for ways to maximize space in your home, you may need to take dramatic steps, especially of your floor plan is tight. There are a number of ways that you can free up floor space that is occupied by furnishings, and not lose the function that you already have. In the bedroom, one way to cut down on crowding is to consider bunk beds. You may have slept in bunk beds as a child, either in your room at home or in summer camp. There’s hardly a more effective way to reduce crowding in a bedroom that really doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate two or more beds.

Your first thought might be that bunk beds are for children, and while service personnel living in barracks commonly are assigned to multi-tiered sleeping accommodations, that wouldn’t fit in with your idea of how grownups should furnish their bedrooms. But in these days of financial cutbacks, when empty nesters are experiencing a surge in offspring returning to the nest after a job layoff or some other economic setback, it might be useful to think about how living arrangements for unanticipated boarders might be handled.

Let’s say that your sons or daughters need respite from the challenges of financial responsibility, and your guest room is too crowded for more than one. Bunk beds for adults could be a solution to the problem, because it will use space that would otherwise be wasted and offers a comfortable alternative to a sleeping bag on the floor, or crashing on the sofa.

These days, when families are pulling together to help each other beat the tough economic times that we’re experiencing, bunk beds for adults will not only provide much needed accommodations, but will make it possible to perhaps bring family members closer. There’s nothing like sharing difficult times to help siblings pull together and work their way out of employment difficulties in unison.

Bunk beds for adults may be one of the more practical resources that you can employ to make the best of a difficult situation, and ensure that all involved can at least get a good night’s rest.

Bunk bed frames are best built from good, solid wood, such as oak, maple and cherry, which will maintain solid support in both the upper and lower bunks. Beds for adults must handle more weight than would bunks for kids, so buying beds made from solid, durable materials will help ensure that the frame will do its job well and last for a long time.

You’ll want to make sure that whatever bed you choose has a solid base that will support the weight of the beds and their occupants. You’ll also want to include a good quality ladder that allows the top bunk occupant to enter and exit the bed safely, as well as a guardrail, that will prevent restless sleepers from rolling off the top bunk during the night.

Another possibility for bedrooms that need to accommodate two beds but can really only handle one is a trundle bed. That is, a bed that has another, slightly smaller bed underneath it that slides out and provides a mattress and bedding for another sleeper. Trundle beds require a bit more floor space, but their advantage is that you can clear floor space in the morning just by sliding the under bed back where it came from.

Keep these ideas in mind when you purchase new bedding and you’ll free up a good deal of floor space that would otherwise be left unused.

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