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Throwing a Party in School

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If you are planning to host your kid's birthday party in school, here are some useful tips that might help you get started

Be informed. Ask the teacher or school administrator-in-charge if it is allowed to hold a school party. Know the school rules, policies and restriction when it comes to celebrating birthday parties.

Normally school administrator does not allow extensive or grandiose birthday parties to be held in their premises. The most usual time allotted for parties in school is during their break / recess. But even with just limited time that does not mean that you cannot make it enjoyable for kids. If this is the case, focus on the games (if time will allow), snacks and favors.

You can always tap the convenience of the fast food (Jollibee, Mc Donald’s etc). Have it delivered or you can just pick it up on your way to school. But if you would cook it yourself, food choices does not really have to be heavy. Remember that kids would normally opt for light food choices. Most common food choices are: good old spaghetti, pizza slice, one-piece chicken, hamburger, hotdog-on-stick, ice cream and juice drinks. Disposables (plates, spoon/fork, napkins, and glass) must always come in handy.

Your kid’s classmate would surely enjoy the treat if you will be giving them a little token or give-away. Don't worry you can still have that theme in mind. If you want to have a Superman party, don't worry having a school party does not restrict you in doing so. Cake shops offers different theme cakes at affordable price. Also, have your loot bags ready with different Superman items (coloring books, novelty toys and other inexpensive favors). You can go to the ever reliable bargain Mecca - Divisoria, or if your schedule is really too tight you can just visit the mall to look for your favors.

Remember to clean as you go.

But as always the best part of it is that for all of you to ENJOY.

Image credits : http://www.tinleyparkrollerrink.net/

2 Preppy Talks:

Envelope Printing said...

Most schools would usually allow birthday parties to be held during recess/break time. You'll only have a little time for the actual celebration so you need to be well prepared.

PartyPreppies said...

@Envelope Printing
Thanks for the input