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Chowking Party

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Planning to host a Chinese style party! Why not do it at Chowking. They cater to office meetings, birthday, baptism, and a lot more. With their delicious and affordable packages, who can resist.

Available packages

Package 1 Php 169.00
Steamed rice, S&S Pork, Fried Chicken, Pancit, Buchi, Softdrinks

Package 2 Php 190.00
Steamed rice, Fried Chicken, Chopsuey, Pancit, Lumpiang Shanghai, Buchi, Softdrinks

Package 3 Php 245.00
Yang Chow rice, Fried Chicken, S&S Pork, Pancit, Lumpiang Shanghai, Buchi, Softdrinks

Salo Salo Sets

Set A Php 356.00 w/ Drinks & Php 296.00 w/o Drinks
Salo Plain Rice, Salo Lumpiang Shanghai, Salo S&S Pork

Set B Php 480.00 w/ Drinks & Php 405 w/o Drinks
Salo Pancit Canton, Salo Plain Rice, Salo Dimsum Platter, Salo Spareribs

Set C Php 567.00 w/Drinks & Php 492.00 w/o Drinks
Salo Pancit Canton, Salo Plain Rice, Salo Chopsuey, Salo Friend Chicken


Shanghai Chicken Sweet & Sour Prok
Php 106 w/ Drinks Php 147 w/ Drinks Php 132 w/ Drinks
Php 91 w/o Drinks Php 132 w/o Drinks Php 117 w/o Drinks

For reservation details please call 638-6114 / 634-5838 Pioneer Branch or visit your nearest Chowking branch.

Price as of : August 2008

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