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Let us all do business together....

CLASSIFIED ADS SECTION - will serve as a market-place for party related resources. This is where vendors and clients may start to interact.

You may post for services, products and other party resources you are looking for. While party resources suppliers may advertise their products, promos, services and events for FREE.
We do respect your business, needs and opinions, so please do READ partypreppies.com's POLICY BEFORE POSTING in our CLASSIFIED ADS Section.
  1. Posts in Classified Ads (Selling Corner) will last for 30 days only and will be deleted automatically.
  2. Wait for your ads to expire before posting another entry in the Selling Corner
  3. Non-party related entries will be DELETED by the moderator.
  4. Post should be short and concise. Long entries will be DELETED.
  5. Since this service is for FREE, website link will be DELETED unless it is linkback to our site partypreppies.com
  6. Classified Ads (Business Matching Section) - We only encourage initial interaction from the client and vendor, afterwards, it is encourage that both of you communicate on your own.
  7. For the clients - Just inform us that you are able to find what you are looking for. For the Supplier - advise us if you have a close deal made through partypreppies.com. It will surely inspire us that we have served our purpose.

"So what are you waiting for, just hit the this link CLASSIFIED ADS SECTION

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:) said...

I would like to start the ball rolling...WELCOME to all of you..
May you find what you are looking for...Start posting for your needs..INTERACT Now