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CHECKLIST : Planning a Kiddie Party

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We're sure all you Moms and Dads, grandparents. titos and titas, and other family member out there are just as excited as your kiddos when it comes to one of the most important and special events of their lives.... what else but their BIRTHDAYS!

Having a successful Kiddie Party entails good preparation, and what better way to start it then by having a checklist. A Party preparation checklist which will serve as a guide to ensure that you are on-track. Thus, it can be considered as an essential tool and a must-have.

Typically in a Filipino set-up, birthday preparation starts 4 to 6 months before D'Day.

***** Think-Tank *****
(usually 6 months before)

- Determine what type of party (Formal, casual)
- Choose a party-theme
- Jot lists of tasks that can be done in advance and those for party day

***** Preliminaries*****
(usually 5 months before)

- Set a budget
- Decide how many guest you would invite
- Set your party date and time
- Find a venue (consider budget, location / accesibility, weather, amenities etc)
- If you are considering doing it away from your home, reserve for the location and pay for the deposit

* Real thing..Prep time *
(usually 3-4 months before)

- Decide if you will consider hiring a party planner or doing it by yourself
- If you are acquiring the help of a party planner, this will be the time for meeting, meeting, meeting, and endless brainstorming
- Food (if Catered - select the best package suited for your budget and theme) / (if Home-Cooked - list the food / menu you want served)
- Source for party essentials suppliers (Compare and do the research)

  • Cakes

  • Balloons

  • Clowns

  • Party Host

  • Venue Decors

  • Invitation / Name Tag / Tarp / Labels Designs

  • Party Favors / Give- Aways / Souveniers / Prizes

  • PiƱata

(usually 2-3 months before)

- Check if everything is within your budget and schedule
- If you have a party planner, you must have already finalized your requirements
- Start buying what is needed and acquiring the service of your suppliers

(usually 1 month before)

- Again, double check your budget and timeline / schedule
- It's now time to see the dressmaker or buy for your celebrant's outfit
- By now all printed materials (Invitation / Name Tag / Tarp / Labels) should be ready

(usually 2 to 3 weeks before)

- Start sending invites
- Check out on your suppliers...Confirm, confirm, confirm
- Do the last minute check..

(1 day before)

- Relax and enjoy, if you have followed what is in your checklist, nothing to fear about

(4 to 5 hours before)

- Last minute check, let the power of texting or SUN Cell calls do the wonder for you
- If you have a party planner, they must be doing all the work for you and you just have to relax and be with your kids
- If you have no professional help, ask someone from a trusted family member or a friend, to have the last minute party preparation works for you

(2 hours before)

- Get dressed up! and head to the venue

(1 hour before)

- By now you must already be at the venue with your celebrant, check for minute details.
- Don't forget to relax...this celebration is meant to be a very happy and cordial experience to you and your kiddie celebrant.

(a minute before the party)

- This is IT, the moment you have all been waiting for. The fruit of all the hard-work and preparations.... Enjoy, make the most of it. Start creating a WONDERFUL MEMORY


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