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About Us: PartyPreppies.com

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About Us : For You
The amount of party information on the net is overwhelming, but not in the Philippines. There are many even, thousands of listings, that you can search for. More isn't always better, specially when it is not suited in the local Pinoy scene.

We all know how much work there is in preparing for a party. This page will be your online resources which will aid you to plan ahead, keep it simple, give you ideas for games, freebies and goodies. Making your party successful while keeping it under budget. We will give you some great tips and some advice against party pitfalls.

A venue where YOU can find :

- source for comprehensive party suppliers in the Philippines
- Real parties

- a community (global hub), a meeting place for people who want to share their party ideas, preparations, rants and experiences so that others may learn
- Classified Ads- great party ideas, preparation help, tips, advices and the long list still continue...as you grow with us

Party Preppies is a site build for the Filipinos and aims to do the legwork for them. That's where partypreppies.com comes in. We feature the very best, the most interesting, and the most comprehensive Philippines party resources sites that provide the best in party suppliers, content, community and more! This means no more endless searching!

partypreppies.com wants to make it simple for you...as simple as a click of a finger, Philippines party resources - All in One Place!!!

But more than that, partypreppies.com, wants to make this site as a community, where party planners, common tao, suppliers will meet, greet and share their thoughts and experiences.

For questions, comments, proposals, concerns or ideas & thoughts, we'd love to hear from you, please email us.

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