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Choosing a Party Theme

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Choosing a party theme for your kid's party often comes to be a challenge. Sometimes the idea of what the parents wants versus what the celebrant likes becomes a standing issue.

To resolved this, here are some suggestions:

  • Get your child involved in choosing the theme for the party.
  • If he is of age already,
    • let him choose the party theme that he wants. If by chance your child's choice seems not to be readily available in the market, or if it may seems to be a little hard to organize due to unavailability of the characters, since the theme can determine not only the decorations but also the food and party games, that is the time to compromise.
    • Compromise: Let him list at least 3 to 5 themes that he wants. From that choices you can surely have selected your party theme.
  • If your child is still too young to voice out his choice.
    • Where there any toys that your child particularly loved and hold dear?(i.e. elmo doll, barney). Perhaps, you can have that as a theme
  • Always consider the following when selecting a party theme for your kids:
    • What kind of party does your kid usually enjoys?
    • Consider the interest (i.e. colors, sports, music)
    • Who are the favorite cartoon characters and heroes?
Bottom line in choosing a party theme, we must always consider that the party is intended for your little darlings celebrating his birthday, he must be the first one to enjoy it.

Happy party planning..this will just be the start. Enjoy!

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